Testimonials of Animal Reiki Divine with Camille Pukay

“I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and getting to know Camille when she attended several training courses with Reiki teacher Kathleen Prasad (www.animalreikisource.com)here at BrightHaven. Whilst a guest here, Camille devoted time to getting to know the BH animals and offering them Reiki, but once home she offered her services, long distance to several of our animals, reporting on the sessions to me afterwards. Her intuitive understanding of energy and her ability to connect with the animals is quite remarkable. She undoubtedly has rare talent and a true gift”.
Gail Pope www.brighthaven.org

Thanks very much for all you've done. Velvet is doing really well and we all have a lot more peace about where he is right now.  You truly have a wonderful gift and you are a blessing.
C. P., Kansas City, MO

He was really good today. We just interacted with no agenda in the arena and he was playful and loving. He ate grass for quite awhile too. He's in a good place again. Thank you so much.
S.S., Kansas City, MO

Thank you so much for communicating with Joe. It helped bring some comfort and peace to me. I loved the experience! I know that Joe is with us still as always.
J. L., Lenexa, KS

She started putting weight on it Thursday night after your visit and I have seen her leave it down increasingly longer each day. I don't believe it is a coincidence that she started the same day you did Reiki with her.
Thank you for ALL you do for the horses. I believe you are a key ingredient to the calm center these horses have achieved. T.W., Kansas City, MO

It’s funny but you telling me Sammie prefers to be called Sam and that she has masculine energy explains a lot. She loves to pee with leg up like a male dog. She also marks her territory wherever we walk. I never had a female dog that ever did that. I’ll also have to find a nice dark purple velvet pillow for her. I looked up the breed Saluki and was amazed to see the resemblance of her especially the tail. Funny that Sammie was a cat at one time. I have 3 cats and she loves them but loves to chase them around which of course they hate. Thank you very much.
E.M., Chicago, IL

Winnie and I had one of the best naps ever after your session.
L.A.M., Chicago, IL

It is so good to hear that he is doing so well. He is a good dude. I love him dearly. Thank you again for talking with him this morning.
H.F., Kansas City, MO

You have an awesome gift from GOD that you are using to help change our world! You always have advice when I ask, not to mention the awesome Reiki! The animals need you!
D.C., Kansas City, MO

Thank you so much for all you do. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have you at CLER, giving our horses’ special treatment.
Changing Leads Equine Rescue, Kansas City, MO

The work you did with Pica was interesting, he didn't have the same reaction as Jasmine, she was absorbing into the next day.  A bit of confirmation for you about Pica, he does like water... .. he likes to sit in the sink and play with the water coming out the tap, just a little trickle mind! .. his favourite cushion .. if he can bag it .. is one with a flower on. As for the birds .. yes he's quite the hunter .. much to his mum's disappointment .. because I love birds too .. but prefer them flying around! So thank you again for working with him.
K.T., Otley, England

He really seems at peace since the reading, almost like we both know and are dealing with it...thank you.
C.D., Raymore, MO

Camille follows through and completes the treatments exactly when she says she will. Also, she emails the “results” immediately following the treatment. It would be fantastic is she offered 30 minutes for the pet and 30 minutes for the owner. That would be the ultimate package deal! The animal communication is an additional bonus and quite mind-blowing. Camille has amazing skill/talent.
D.C., Kansas City, MO

(After the Reiki session) Coleman seemed more tolerant of people. Lana had given birth a few weeks before the treatment and was pretty aggressive to the other animals. She was much less aggressive after the treatment. The most interesting difference was in a tomcat (had been visiting lately and Lana & Coleman didn’t want him around) that was sitting in the yard during the treatment held on the deck. The next morning the tomcat was sprawled out on the rug sleeping beside Lana, Coleman, and the other cats!
J.T., Kansas City, MO

Immediately following treatment, took her for a walk with a young, dominant German Shepherd. Scarlet held her own, ignored the dog, and seemed very confident and well-centered. You’re wonderful! B.S., Kansas City, MO
(After a distance Reiki session) Casper seemed groggy afterwards, but came in the house and ate all of her food. Then later that night she jumped on my bed while I was reading, which is significant b/c she can’t easily jump onto my bed very often anymore. Her head was up (has arthritis in her neck) and she seemed less anxious.
D.C., Kansas City, MO

(During the Reiki session) We both went to sleep touching each other. It was so peaceful & relaxing. Thank You, Camille!
D.R., Kansas City, MO

The day following his treatment he became much more like his real self. Since losing his sight he has been SO unhappy – never wagging his tail & just lying around, like sleeping. He woke up (after Reiki session) much more alert, his tail wagging – coming to meet us when we came home, moving around considerably as opposed to languishing. He even seems happy most of the time. I like that you did not project any expectations as far as results are concerned. (After second session) Both treatments have affected his personality which may indicate that he is feeling better also. He is much happier (more lively and responsive & his tail is up and wagging – rather than tucked down & hidden). Your communication is explicit & loving & reassuring. I am enjoying & appreciating this experience. (After third session) Lancie is more confident in getting around without sight. He continues to be more like himself before becoming blind.
I.C., Weatherby Lake, MO

The next morning (after a Reiki session), she jumped on my bed and waited for me to get up (she hasn’t done that for quite awhile). I’ve noticed she’s following me around more, she’s has quite an appetite, and no diarrhea!
D.C., Kansas City, MO

Both Molly and Maggie were relaxed after the session. On Tuesday, Molly watched a show that included animals and she did not get excited & bark at the TV as her usual response. Very relaxing. Both dogs seemed to respond to you. I feel you did an excellent job explaining what Reiki is & what I could expect from the session.
N. B., Gladstone, MO

(After a Distance Reiki session) Remarkable how her body language seems to correspond with your insights!
K.D., CA

Camille has a professional manner. Thanks!
A.T., Kansas City, MO

Since it was storming (during the Reiki session), it was wonderful to see the trust & peacefulness Jo-Jo experienced during a usually tense time for him. Thanks Camille.
J.M., Gladstone, MO

Molly can be somewhat skittish and nervous, especially with noises and “new” objects. Molly slept most of the day of the treatment. She was calm when I walked her the day after. She didn’t flinch when we passed by mailboxes, large trash bags set out for trash pickup, etc. It (the session) was very relaxing for Molly, as well as for me. Camille did a great job.
J.T., Kansas City, MO

Thank you so much for your help!!! Kin seems more peaceful. I really enjoyed your presence and your feedback.
M.S., Parkville, MO

Thank you so much! It answers some things we’ve wondered that he does behavior wise. We love our little Scooter. We are so glad he was responsive and enjoyed reading what he had to say. My mom noticed a big difference in his behavior since your distance reading.
S.B., Kansas City, MO

Thanks for your detailed response. Everything you said does make sense. I did become calmer or more accepting since we started your treatment. I cherish every good day we have and hope for a miracle to happen. Thanks as always!
I.K., Forest Hills, NY

Thank you so much. That is great information. We had some quality time (the horses and I today) just hanging close to one another. Star was very clear about what he wanted and what was helping. As my practice continues to grow, I hope that we will be able to have you spend time here on a regular basis. Thanks again.
J.K., Kansas City, MO

Thank you so much! This whole process has been very interesting. I am hopeful that we have helped Elvis. I really hope he has put this whole “Simon” thing behind him and that you have helped his headaches. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and appreciate what you have done for Elvis. I will certainly be telling my friends.
T.E., Leawood, KS

Wow Wow Wow. So fascinating. I really appreciate the information. We've just been talking about taking him swimming. Thanks again for the information and the energy you’ve spent with us.
M.S., Parkville, MO

How fun our past life sounds!!! I wish my current life was more like it truthfully. I do need to work on enjoying things and being less stressed, he is right! I need to slow down my mind and be more careful of my words….what a smart baby I have! Thank you for doing this, I really enjoyed it!!! It is so interesting the more I think about it.
S.S., Kansas City, MO

I’m so happy to hear it was another successful session. After work yesterday, I took him for a 30 minute walk and his leash behavior was so much better than it has been in the past. He wasn’t pulling like he usually does. It felt like a much more relaxed walk. And that was after only 1 session! I’m definitely going to make walks a daily part of his routine. Thank You,
S.C., Kansas City, MO

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, you are awesome!!! You have special gifts and I'm glad I've met you. Shasta is lucky you are there for her. Thank you again for your words of wisdom and for reminding me of the great people that are willing to help. Thank you again for what you do for Shasta and for sharing and helping me feel more at ease. I do appreciate you very much.
Thank you Camille!
M. B., Kansas City, MO

He does like cooked carrots, mom gives him some when she cooks roast beef…I called and asked Grandma this and if she fed him some and she had not so who knows! Thanks for giving him the Reiki! Grandma says Bubby is doing just fine so that is good!!!
S.S., Kansas City, MO

"Let me help you re-balance your animal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."
Camille Pukay, Animal Reiki Divine, LLC

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